Saturday, July 3, 2010

CNN interview in Gulf Shores

At 6:00 to about 6:10, CNN will interview me about my documentation of the slick.
Is there anyone out there who can record and post to You Tube and send a link?


  1. I sent your request to someone who knows how-to do that. Will keep you posted.


  2. I hope you found someone to do that for you If I would have known sooner I may could have gotten you help.

  3. They pulled it off you tube i hope you open a channel and post the channel name on here so we can see it they said you told them to take it down do to copywrite infringement.

  4. Hi John, the American people thank you SO MUCH for taking the bull by the horns and going out there to SEE for yourself how bad it is. I don't know if u have a facebook acct however that would be a most excellent way to spread what you have seen. The mainstream media's job is to withhold information on just how bad this is. I didn't appreciate them not allowing you to get your full say in. And the comment about you not being a reporter kind of chided me a bit because it insinuated that you didnt know what you were talking about. If you want to email me I am at there are MANY AMERICANS who feel just as passionate about this as you and will NOT stand pat.
    God Bless Brother!

  5. Saw you on CNN a few hours ago. The for profit media clone just had to say at the end of the spot.

    "It's good to see people on the beach behind you".

    Are they really this dense?

    It is probably much worse than even you can see.

    Thank You for trying.

  6. I would love to catch up with you here in the Gulf. I promised the fans of The Vanishing America Project that I would bring them the REAL stories of what's happening.

    Reach out to me if you're interested.

  7. Please see website I can upload anything you want & also on youtube.

    I am looking to find a partner with the site preferably someone with fresh content to contribute .J~

    John you can call me & we can discuss further. My team & I want to help any way we can.

    The stakes could not be any higher.

  8. In the rapidly escalating ocean (no pun intended) of information coming onto the table regarding this situation in the Gulf, it has been difficult to locate info that is not in some way slanted or weighted with a degree of sensationalism or pushing, either overtly or covertly, a self-serving agenda. When I caught your interview with CNN yesterday my ears perked up. I instantly recognized that you were different. And especially when you firmly stated that BP did not control the air space and that you were acting within your rights, I became even more interested. John, you are the "tell it like it is" person that I've been looking for. Consequently, your blog is now my go to site for straight info on this ever expanding situation. I will certainly be encouraging others to come here as well.

    Thank you very much for stepping up to the plate and doing what you're doing in the manner that you are doing it. You are appreciated.

  9. I did see the cnn interview- but was surprised that the moron reporter cut you off at the end-- and I wanted to know what were you going to say? You were saying something like this is much worse than we can ever imagine.. but I shall never know.. I hope that Cooper Anderson interviews you- a reporter of merit. I cant find it on youtube- perhaps on the CNN site?? Thank you for all your work..have been following since the beginning.

  10. Here look at this. Also do a search on toxic rain in Mississippi.

  11. We live about a mile inland from the gulf here in west central Fl. About a month and a half ago I had a new windshield put on one of my cars. The next morning there were tiny translucent drops covering it.Put the wipers on and it smeared and turned white.I checked my other vehicle same thing.A friend that lives 10 miles up the coast had the same thing on his windshield.Lived here forty years and this has never happened before, maybe this was dispersant residue??


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