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« Beauty Amidst the Ruins Along the Alabama Gulf Coast Watchdogging BP: Oil Giant Restricts Press Access to Alabama Beach


Watchdogging BP: Oil Giant Restricts Press Access to Alabama Beach
July 8th, 2010

A MoJo Video by Glynn Wilson

Videography by Stew Jones

GULF SHORES, Ala. — While the Obama administration continues to say the national policy is that no American journalist can be restricted from access to oiled beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, contractors for the British Petroleum oil giant seem not to have gotten the word.

BP executives must be thinking that since they broke the Gulf, they now own it.

Will the press and the American people and the administration stand for it?

The employee for the BP Contractor Safe Harbor said the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department arrested a member of the media on Tuesday, but a check with the sheriff’s department shows no such arrest.


  1. I was out there just the day before and they were much more aggressive and had NOTHING to say about steel toed boots. They said "NO media allowed and no cameras on the beach!" This guy is another BP whore and liar!

    The tennis shoes I wore for one week on the beach are brand new (only a couple months old) The bottoms are cracked open, the rubber is soft as if it is breaking down. The soles are coming loose from the top of the shoe.

    I can tell you now... DO NOT GO ON THE BEACH WITHOUT SHOES!

    If this stuff will eat the bottoms of my shoes in a weeks time on the beach, it can't be good for bare feet!

  2. The EPA takes it's sweet time approving the Whale. Pity they didn't hesitate to approve the corexit.

  3. I'd sure like to see the top BP execs (especially Mr. "Small People" help out with the clean-up effort - of course they should put in 12 hour days and not be allowed to wear the safety gear they denied others. Let them make themselves useful in that manner, at least for the rest of the summer - or until their prison cells are properly prepared.

  4. This is sad. If they stop it from being documented, how can future generations learn from it?
    I'm an amature photographer and to find out I can't take photos of this blows me away.
    Why can't they at least let people walk down to a certain point? A safe zone where they can still shoot photographs with a long lens.
    To totally shut people out is very suspicious.

  5. Surely you are not that naive my dear Melody. The name of the game here is "cover your a$$" and unsuprisingly, BP is a lot better at that than taking responsibility for their irresponsible and negligent (in)actions. Fight the good fight, demand to be admitted - get those photos out there!

  6. These two videos show that the oil and dispersant is being picked up and falling as rain inland. and

  7. From the BP Misinformation Page

    BP Reiterates Media Access Policy
    Release date: 01 July 2010
    Everyone involved in the response effort should "feel free to talk" to media about their experiences.

    BP today offered additional guidance and clarification to all personnel to ensure that members of the response team – including, but not limited to, all government, BP, and contract personnel – know they are free to talk to the media.
    "I want to thank everyone for their tremendous commitment to lead and support the response and cleanup efforts," said Doug Suttles, COO of BP. "I really cannot say this enough: BP wants all individuals to feel free to share their thoughts and experiences with journalists, if they so choose. BP has not and will not prevent anyone from sharing his or her own experiences, opinions, or views."
    BP has provided guidelines and "media access cards" (samples attached) to be distributed at all levels of operations. The cards include helpful tips and a 1-800 number personnel can call for more information.
    View guidelines
    View media access cards
    Further information:
    BP Press Office London: +44 20 7496 4076
    BP Press Office, US: +1 281 366 0265


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