Saturday, July 31, 2010

Barataria and the Mississippi Delta 07/19/10

Photos of the Barataria Basin and Mississippi Delta show oil both on the surface and can be seen below as well.
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  1. Yeah they did a fine job with the corexit. Corexit=Bp`s exit. Here we live on the Gulf coast of Fl. About a mile inland. We keep breathing the Sea Breeze every day off the Gulf. Not one person I know is feeling normal with their breathing and thinking. It`s kind of weird, things you have done for years like turning on the windshield wipers after you`ve owned the same car for years and it takes you a bit to remember how to do it. People I know, are having all kinds of glitches which are not normal. Not sure which remote control does what, when you have been using them for years. Some kind of memory loss. I know people will of course read this and think it is crap. Well it isnt. If we all keep degrading perhaps we will not realize what the deal is when we die. Perhaps this is Humane? But I think we should have been told that we were going to be dusted with corexit. But really who knows if it even would have helped. Thanks BP. We all thankyou from the bottom of our lungs.

  2. "5 EXPLOSION in one hour and 20 min. recording."

    Is the sad title of my latest video available here :

    Take care everybody.


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