Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New flight video over The Source of the BP Slick

A new video observation of the BP Slick disaster from John L. Wathen, Hurricane Creekkeeper


  1. Thank you so much John. Your work is invaluable.

  2. I appreciate your work. As time goes on I do not believe what is reported, but your videos and pictures show what is there. Thanks for the good work.

  3. John,
    You need to see if you can get some IR or Hyperspectral cameras they would show so much more. USCG is using some but does not share they use hand held thermal and spotters on the C-130's not very good compared to the 6ft cameras we have in the USN that BP refuses to allow use of. If you had these cameras you would see the chemicals in light frequency's you can not with the human eye or with your current cameras. Google Hyspecrtal camera, or image intelligence to see examples, there are many of these type cameras just sitting idle and BP will not authorize use of them. Try Hyper-spectral Predator in google and see what you get.

    There are commercial organizations that could lend you the equipment for your good work if you look hard on the net.

  4. Pay no mind to the limited who question the validity of the flyover on You Tube. They live in fantasy world and are ungrateful morons who entertain their own egos by debating the undebatable. Obviously they are out of the loop. They are not worth the headache. Thank you for the hard and heartbreaking work you have done to get this out there.

  5. Thank you so much, John. It is so important that we do not forget this in other parts of the country. It is still going on (with or without a cap) and the effects will be felt by a Nation for years and years to come in ways we haven't even imagined. It is obvious that the dispersants have driven much oil into the columns. Your video was frightening and disturbing. I know I would have felt better if I COULD see the oil. The worst is yet to be seen. Keep the Faith. Don't let em stop ya...don't stop...we won't either....Indiana

  6. John, Could it be you didn't see any marine life because they are all dying, their carcasses falling to the bottom of the ocean, from the toxicity???

  7. Thank you John you are the ONLY source of real info out here in Cali. I know NOT to rely on main stream media.. It's so souped down they might as well be running a sponge bob cartoon as "reporting". Sad the Public at large aquieses to such DRIVEL accepting it as fact. Hemp farming, it's What all your fisherpersons out of work need do for an income while restoring our environment in a most Helpful way.

  8. That was my thoughts as well. I scares me to think about it!

  9. The fact that you did not see any marine life is
    so discouraging. It breaks my heart.

    I keep sending encouraging thoughts to those working on getting this thing stopped. And it is encouraging to see that oil at the source is not as bad.

    Thank you John for all your good work.

  10. Have you seen this?

    It's a deceitfully edited hodgepodge of audio and video clips from several of your Gulf overflights by youtuber "PropheticSeer."

    Maybe you can get it taken down.

  11. Oy. You edited that video yourself and posted it here under the heading "Breathing Toxic Oil Vapors." I didn't see it because my firewall is buggy on blogspot sites and it just didn't show up.

    Some constructive criticism --
    1) When you splice old clips into new flight videos, remove the datestamp. Otherwise it looks as though you're willfully misleading people about the current state of the oil spill.

    2)Your overflight videos speak for themselves. Your theories about acid rain and Corexit seriously detract from your videos.


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